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Ways We Help

Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

BRIDGES initiates projects and services that aid in transforming the physical, economic and social environment in the Park Heights Community by enriching and enhancing the lives of those who are confronted by the difficulties and challenges in every day life.


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The BRIDGES After-School Tutorial program seeks to bridge:- the education gap between schools and community- achievement gaps using an integrated holistic approach - the gap between what a student already knows and what he/she should know, teaching them how to capitalize on their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses.- the communication gap between parents, teachers and students to strengthen learning relationships and align student success goals with the classroom and the home.- the coordination gap between schools and the community to ensure students excel and become engaged in the community as productive citizens and mentors for the next generation. Our after-school tutorial program has been in operation since 2017 and we have had the privilege of coming alongside parents and school teachers to assist children in reaching grade level proficiency in Language Arts and Mathematics.​


Vacant buildings is an all too prevalent blight in many Baltimore  neighborhoods.

The goal of our Townhome Renovation Initiative is to purchase and renovate vacant houses in our community. These homes will then be sold to homebuyers who might not otherwise be able to experience homeownership. 

We work closely with real estate agents and community organizations to educate and assist first-time home buyers with the purchasing process. We believe that with access to the right tools, our community members will become empowered to gain the confidence and resources to fulfill their potential.


Our Food Pantry has been in operation for over 15 years under the auspices of Manna Bible Baptist Church. As a result, we have become known as a dependable source of food within the community. ​We are working to expand our services to include a state of the art Nutrition Center and other resources to meet the needs of the community.  These will be housed in our newly constructed Community and Family Life Center at Belvedere Place.​Our future goals include conducting workshops to promote and motivate interest in the use of healthier food choices, which would include reading and analyzing food labels and recipe sharing and to provide prepared meals for the homeless population in the community.The Food Pantry has been able to provide opportunities for volunteerism among members of the community to support future job readiness.

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Health disparities are a real concern in communities such as ours. Through this program we hope to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of our community by providing education and access to health related resources. 

Our projects are specifically targeted toward aiding in:·

   - Preventing disease and injury through educational opportunities such as health 

     fairs and workshops·

   - Improving health through screenings and referrals·

   - Enhancing overall quality of life

We realize that a community can only change its wellness when  its members are engaged in changing aspects of their own physical, social, and organizational environments. With this in mind, BRIDGES partners with community members and organizations to eliminate or reduce factors within the community that contribute to health issues and to introduce new components that promote better health.

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