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Our Story

For the past 50 years Manna Bible Baptist Church has enjoyed the privilege of
ministering in the Pimlico/Park Heights Community. The foundation of this
ministry is based on the biblical mandate to engage with and serve our community.
It is this mandate that led the Church to create an outreach focused non-profit –
BRIDGES Community Development Corporation.
Serving our community for the glory of God is at the heart of everything we do.
It centers us as we deliver services to members of the Park Heights community.
As our name indicates, BRIDGES seeks to find ways to bridge the gap
between needs and resources. 
We can’t predict the future, but the BRIDGES’ team is clear and resolved in our mission - to engage and partner with the local community to effectuate sustainable transformation and change in the human spirit and built environment.
By bringing together the passion and commitment of donors, advisors and
community leaders, we are creating solutions that will impact and benefit lives
for many years to come.
Join with us in making an impact and bringing transformation
to the Park Heights community.

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